It was important to Jack that his collection be accessible to the public.   He enjoyed displaying his Collection in a variety of settings and he rearranged objects frequently to tell a different story.  

 “Spirit of America” tours were designed to educate visitors about our Nation’s unique history, from the Colonial Period through WWII.  Themes included the Colonial Period including the French and Indian War, the Founding Fathers with a celebration of George Washington, the American Revolution, Westward Expansion with the plight of the Native Americans, and the tragedy of the Civil War.  Over 100 important American artists were represented in the Warner Collection at the WWMAA.  Artistic styles spanned the realism of the Hudson River School landscapes, portraiture, still-life painting, genre scenes and American Impressionism.  Early examples of abstract expressionism were also reflected in works by Marsden Hartley and Milton Avery.

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