Our Mission

The Warner Foundation continues the legacy of Jonathan “Jack” Warner in utilizing American Art as an important vehicle for teaching American History. The mission of the Warner Foundation is to promote an understanding of American History and its relevance to controversial issues through art exhibitions and programs that promote meaningful dialogue and rekindle a spirit of tolerance and hope in our society. 

The Warner Foundation believes that Americans will make better, more informed decisions about their future if they have a solid understanding of their past.  The Foundation sponsors art exhibitions and related programming that engage audiences and stimulate dialogue on important topics that often divide our nation today.

Our Vision

Art represents a promising medium to engage audiences on vital but controversial issues that need to be addressed today.  By stimulating dialogue and discussion in a neutral, welcoming environment, our programs seek to promote tolerance and understanding of the diversity of opinions that exist.  The viewing of art encourages viewers to think for themselves and to bring their personal experiences to bear when interpreting visual stimuli.  There are often no right or wrong answers when responding to art…. only a sharing of insights and empathy for the experiences of others.  Viewing art has the capacity to make us a better society!

Foundation Awards

September 1, 2019:  Thomas Cole National Historic Site:   Planning Grant

“Jack Warner Gateway to Learning”  This Award is to fund the Planning phase for an innovative project, “The Jack Warner Gateway to Learning”, to create a digital learning experience that will utilize American Art to teach American History from the American Revolution to the Industrial Revolution, thus producing online resources that can be used in classrooms and homes across the nation.  This planning grant will enable TCNHS and the Warner Foundation to  identify required partnerships and resources, to appoint a working and an advisory committee, to draft content and narrative for the initiative, and to produce working plan for 2020. (see attached) 

September 15, 2019 New Britain Museum of American Art   Exhibition Sponsor

“What Is America: Paintings from the National Academy of Design” This award sponsored the Exhibition “What Is America: Paintings from the National Academy of Design” which was on view from October 17, 2019 until January 26, 2020.  The exhibition, which featured 92 paintings, was developed by the American Federation of Arts (AFA), in collaboration with the National Academy of Design (NAD). It was the first exhibition to use the NAD’s collection of artworks to explore key aspects of the NAD and celebrate the impact it has had on American art through academic and high-quality paintings. For America was a sampling of American artworks that chart the progression and stylistic evolution of American art at both the national and academic levels. For America presented not only a visual record of the NAD’s member artists—known as National Academicians—but also a unique history of American painting from 1809 to the present

November 1, 2019  The Birmingham Museum of Art  Exhibition Sponsor

“The BLACK OUT:  Silhouettes Then and Now”, an exhibition sponsored by the  National Portrait Gallery, is particularly relevant to the Foundation’s mission because it teaches the history of America during the period of the Revolution through the Civil War through the eyes of the people and artists who lived during that time.  By tracing the development of the silhouette as one of the earliest art forms in America, we can learn about the development and complexity of ideas regarding colonial independence, national identity, democracy, equality, social relationships and slaveryOn view from September 28, 2019 through January 12,2020.

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