Art Collected by Jack Warner

The Warner Collection of American Art presented on this page represents the original artwork that was displayed in the Westervelt Warner Museum of American Art (WWMAA) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama from 2003 until its closing in 2011. The collection included over 150 artists and over 500 works of art personally selected by Jack Warner (1917-2017) throughout his lifetime. The collection was remarkable, as it represented the collection of one man’s vision and one man’s taste, informed by a love of American History and a love of American Art.

To see the full list of all artwork by artist, click here. You can see and learn more about an individual work of art by clicking on the Artist Name. For some works of art, an “audio available” link will be displayed to enable you to listen to a recording that was available on an audioguide for those who visited the WWMAA.

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